Cultural Festivities

photo of a West Indian festival courtesy of


I miss summer events, in particular cultural festivals and celebrations. Dr. Stacy Patton’s jerk chicken antics really put me in my feelings. All that I could imagine was the summer Jazz festivals in Hartford’s Bushnell park, the West Indian and Puerto Rican Parades, and Carnival (at least the idea of Carnival, I’ve never attended an actual Carnival parade…but I will dammit in 2021!) I even miss watching festivals and events on television. COVID is the ultimate ****blocker.

photo of Virgin Island Carnival courtesy of

Actually, I did attend a pseudo Carnival festival during my honeymoon in Virgin Islands several years ago. The smaller scale event certainly made it more intimate and social. The performers were magnificent, welcoming and displayed their cultural pride with joy and honor.

Trios Misterioso feat. Ron Van Bavel courtesy of Sound Cloud

My 2021 goal is to travel and explore other parts of the world. Festivals and cultural events is one way to immerse oneself into another cultural experience.

video of amazing Celebrations around the world courtesy of Youtube

Cultural festivals and celebrations are art forms that are more than mere entertainment for tourists and on seekers. It is the outward expression of one’s beliefs, values, spiritual faith, and community.

Video of top ten Festivals around the world courtesy of Youtube

I hope that my 2021 is full of joy, celebration, and travel throughout the world. Mostly I hope for a deeper sense of appreciation of music, dance, and cultural experiences that I may have taken for granted in the past.

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I am a combination of love, light, and fuck you. A spiritual seeker and shadow side healer. My children say that I have lived multiple lives including a pentecostal pastor an evangelist, prophetess, to a backslidden Christian, Buddhism enthusiast, humanist, spiritual advocate, and lesbian. I eventually saw the light of multiple truths in this human experience and my desire is to share the lessons that I have learned along this hero's journey, the voices of my teachers, and my life on the margins.

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